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Thermal performance testing for solar air collector; Pressure drop test; Time constant test; Visual inspection; Internal pressuretest; Rupture or collapse test; Stagnation temperature; Exposure test; Externalthermal shock; Internal thermal shock; Rain penetration; Freeze resistance; Mechanical load; Impact resistance test using steel ball; Final inspection. All above listed tests of the standard EN12975-1:2006+A1:2010 and ISO 9806:2017 were passed successfully in accordance with the criteria.

The Solar Keymark is a voluntary third-party certification mark for solar thermal products, demonstrating to end-users that a product conforms to the relevant European standards and fulfills additional requirements. It is widely spread across the European market and beyond. The Solar Keymark is a quality label.

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Warranty Policy
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Warranty Policy

Free warranty for 6 years

⚫FAN LIFE EXPECTANCE: 70,000 Hours at 40 deg. C, 65% humidity, 90CL
40000 hours warranty fan.

⚫The lifespan for pv panel is 20 years, guaranteed for 10 years. While glass and aluminum materials is with long lifespan. Therefore, an glass panel is with 20 years life span, which is much longer than polycarbonate panels, that are only 10 years, and after sunlight irradiation, it becomes yellow and solar transmittance goes extremely lower. Thermostat, air outlet can be replaced free of charge within 2 years.


Though rarely happened, if the fan, regulator or circuit board went wrong,  a replacement would be sent free of charge within 6 years. You can substitute the spare parts except pv panels all by yourself within 30 minutes, with easy tools like scissors, tape, screwdriver. If exceeding 6 years, we can send spare parts based on the material cost.


25 September 2018

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