2-in-1 function

Thermal performance testing for solar air collector; Pressure drop test; Time constant test; Visual inspection; Internal pressuretest; Rupture or collapse test; Stagnation temperature; Exposure test; Externalthermal shock; Internal thermal shock; Rain penetration; Freeze resistance; Mechanical load; Impact resistance test using steel ball; Final inspection. All above listed tests of the standard EN12975-1:2006+A1:2010 and ISO 9806:2017 were passed successfully in accordance with the criteria.

The Solar Keymark is a voluntary third-party certification mark for solar thermal products, demonstrating to end-users that a product conforms to the relevant European standards and fulfills additional requirements. It is widely spread across the European market and beyond. The Solar Keymark is a quality label.

Standard function

Easy installation and operation

View the web version: LCD thermostat manual. Google translate any language.

PDF version manual Download: LCD thermostat manual.

  • OS32 can be installed in 2 different directions; OS42 can be installed in 3 different directions. Each model can be installed in any direction as long as it is protected from rain, eg. Under the eaves.

  • Note that by setting up two panels, e.g. one facing southeast and one facing southwest, it is possible to make the most of all day sunlight.
  • Nakoair® solar heater cannot raise the temperature of supply air or ventilate in these situations: If it’s overcast, the sun isn’t shining or is shining weakly, during the night, early in the morning or late at night and when the panel is covered by snow or ice or during rain.

  • It is possible to install on the wall or roof without the help of plumber or construction worker. Small area, light weight. Installing your solar panel is so easy that you can do it yourselves. Product includes thermostat and all the necessary accessories for installation, such as screws, fixing clips, air ducts, air vents, manuals, etc.
  • Please distinguish wooden house and brick wall, so the correct electric drill is adopted. It is possible to substitute the spare parts except solar pv panels all by yourself within 40 minutes, with easy tools like scissors, tape, screwdriver, etc.
  • Wooden house tools

  • If you want to increase the heating efficiency, please increase the wind speed, the heat loss will be reduced. Please reduce the air vent, if you need air going to the room with higher temperature; Or feel too noisy.

  • Installation video
  • View the web version: Instructions for installation and operation. Google translate any language.
  • PDF version manual Download: Installation Manual of solar air heater.
  • Roof mounting kits manual for OS40/42 Download: Roof mounting kits manualRoofs have better solar radiation than walls, so both air volume and heat will be better. Please buy photovoltaic roof tile brackets on ebay, Amazon, etc., which are often used when photovoltaic panels are installed. Solar Ventilation fan can be used as an exhauster for the humid air. An exhauster is useful in the basement or other big buildings, which can’t breathe or need extra ventilation. The exhauster will be working at the same time as the solar air collector. 

  • OS22/32/42: It is possible to use only air intakes that heat fresh outdoor air, and don't use the air outlet that heat indoor air.