2-in-1 function

Thermal performance testing for solar air collector; Pressure drop test; Time constant test; Visual inspection; Internal pressuretest; Rupture or collapse test; Stagnation temperature; Exposure test; Externalthermal shock; Internal thermal shock; Rain penetration; Freeze resistance; Mechanical load; Impact resistance test using steel ball; Final inspection. All above listed tests of the standard EN12975-1:2006+A1:2010 and ISO 9806:2017 were passed successfully in accordance with the criteria.

The Solar Keymark is a voluntary third-party certification mark for solar thermal products, demonstrating to end-users that a product conforms to the relevant European standards and fulfills additional requirements. It is widely spread across the European market and beyond. The Solar Keymark is a quality label.

Standard function

Product description


Heating outdoor fresh air: available in spring, autumn and winter.

OS22/OS32/OS42:  2-in-1 function

Heating outdoor fresh air: suitable for all models.

Heating indoor air circularly: can keep heating the room air and increasing the room temperature, and can keep away from any wet or cold or smog air.  This mode is the best way to heat the room. Applicable to OS22/32/42. In this mode, it is recommended that the air volume is the largest. The larger the air volume, the better the heating effect of the whole room.

It is possible to use only air intakes that heat fresh outdoor air, and don't use the air outlet that heat indoor air.

When the outdoor temperature is too low, just open the air inlet indoor to keep heating the indoor air. Just close the air inlet indoor to introduce and heat the fresh air outdoor.

Model OS10 OS20 OS22 OS30 OS32 OS42
Appro room area 10m2      20-40m2      50-60m2 70-100m2
Maximum air volume 42m3/h 88m3/h 98m3/h 105m3/h 113m3/h 135m3/h
Time for air change Approximate 2 hours
Heating efficiency 69% 73% 77% 70% 74% 72%
Sun intensity performance (W/h/set) 265W 520W 550W 800W 840W 1380W
Total Annual heat supply (kWh/㎡) 690 730 770 700 740 720
Estimated energy   supplement year 250kWh 525kWh 550kWh 777kWh 820kWh 1418kWh
Temperature rise approx. 80 C 150 C 160 C 250 C 260 C 320 C
Dehumidification capacity (high humidity)   0.3L/hour 0.5L/hour 0.8L/hour
Noise level 39db 45db 48db 50db
Product size (cm) 71x52x6 101x72x6 121x92x6 197x100x6
Carton size(cm) 90x57x9 120x75x10 126x95x10 202x105x10
Roof mounting kit Not applicable 120x17x12cm  8kg 112x28x16cm 12kg
Product area 0.37 m2 0.72 m2 1.11 m2 1.97 m2
Solar photovoltaic panel power 8watt 12watt 18watt 28watt
Fan 12V 3.6W 92*92*25mm SUNON 12V 3.4W 120*120*25mm SUNON 12V 5.4W 120*120*25mm
2 ball
Net weight 8kg 12kg 16kg 27kg
Gross Weight 10kg 14kg   15kg 19kg 20kg 33kg
Special heating absorption board Special anodic aluminum oxide, texture nano heat insulation coating, high absorption, low reflection.
Frame Exclusively for open air, anti-UV texture coating aluminum alloy
Coating Low iron patterned solar tempered glass, up to 92% transmittance
White diffuser Flange for indoor wall; Tubes for wall lead-in, gaskets, screws etc.

Reducing the air volume can increase the air temperature into the room. Increasing the air volume can increase the heating efficiency and dehumidification effect.

Houses with little sunlight or poor insulation; rooms with frequent occupancy or high humidity require much larger models. For frequently occupied rooms, it is better to purchase OS22/32/42 with LCD thermostat and automatic vents.

Activated carbon filter, filter dust, drive off odor, silencer, prevent flying insects. Plug it in the air intake duct to the fan. It needs to be removed and cleaned in time to avoid blocking the warm air. Otherwise please do not use.

Mechanical thermostat

The standard configuration can only work in the sun, and cannot be connected to electricity. Ventilator will stop working when the room temperature reaches the set value (eg. 25℃).

New LCD thermostat: Ventilation and dehumidification or humidification are available even on cloudy or summer nights. Smart curved touch screen: the perfect combination of art and technology!  

Ventilation, heating, dehumidification or humidification.

Solar collector with LCD thermostat, provides you with a healthy climate and automatically improves indoor air. Simple operation, thoughtful air management expert! There are five modes: automatic, humidity control, manual, heating and ventilation, continuous heating of indoor air. Can detect indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, moisture content in the air. Automatically switch between solar and electrical energy. Ventilate regularly to purify the air every day. As long as the collector does not work, the air vents automatically close, completely isolating the outdoor cold air.

The correct clock must be set for the collector to work normally. To set the clock, press the SET and M buttons at the same time for more than 2 seconds.

Various application of solar air heater

Nakoair® Solar Air Heater could be used in different places, supplying fresh air and protecting your properties:

Applications: Holiday Homes; Residential; Commercial Buildings; Cellar; Lofts; Garages; Workshop; Granges; Cabins; Summer Houses; Storage Rooms; Chalets; Sheds; Cottages; Caravans; Tents; Greenhouses; Drying Rooms; Gyms; Shops; Houses without electricity. 

application of solar air heater  application of solar air heater

application of solar air heater